What you need to know before you go

Fareham, on Portsmouth Harbour’s northwestern tip, is a market town with a lively population and offers traditional markets, a modern shopping centre, lots of events and unique attractions. Shopping opportunities here vary widely and you’ll find plenty of eclectic wares at the Monday West Street market, a weekly open-air market with around 50 vendors.  The town also has several farmers’ markets on West Street where you’ll find fresh local produce, as well as annual gardeners’ markets. The Fareham Shopping Centre offers about 80 big-name-brand stores for more modern shopping.

Other things to do here include seeing historic sites and enjoying nature excursions. The Westbury Manor Museum, Portchester Castle, Fort Nelson and Titchfield Abbey all offer the chance to explore buildings that date back hundreds of years, each with its own attractions. Titchfield Abbey, in particular, is famed due to its association with William Shakespeare, while Fort Nelson offers a look at a 19th-century defensive fort and artillery museum. Hill Head Beach and the Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve offer the chance to relax in nature and get away from it all for a while.


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