Scottish Borders

What you need to know before you go

The Scottish Borders region is a picturesque combination of breathtaking natural features and historic abbeys, homes and castles, melding natural beauty with historic charm. The rolling hills of the countryside offer vibrant green landscapes that are filled with hiking and biking trails, making it easy to explore the natural splendour. Travellers looking for more thrilling adventures among the countryside will find exciting activities such as archery and off-road quad biking.

Several lovely and historic towns are set among the Scottish Borders, including Melrose with its historic abbey ruins and Peebles with its serene waterways and historic bridges. Horseriding is a particularly popular pastime in the region, and travellers are welcome to partake in it on the numerous horseriding-friendly trails throughout the region. Of course, you may also visit the Berwickshire Coast here to take your adventure out onto the water with a simple kayak or a full-day boat charter.

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