What you need to know before you go

Swindon in south-western England is known for its railway museum, historic sites and science and technology attractions as well as art galleries, sports and adventure activities. The STEAM – Museum of the Great Western Railway allows you to explore old locomotives and train carriages, including the Royal Saloon of Queen Victoria dating to 1897. At the Museum of Computing, you will learn all about the history of computers from Babbage’s Difference Engine to the Digital Age. The Swindon Museum and Art Gallery in Old Town showcases a vast 20th-century British Art Collection as well as locally sourced fossils.

Jungle Parc offers outdoor adventures including navigating tree bridges high above the ground. The Richard Jefferies Museum is dedicated to the life of the famous author in his own house. At Butterfly World and Farm Park, you’ll get to pet animals and visit a natural butterfly garden. Nature and outdoor adventures can be found at places like The Jubilee Lake and The Town Gardens. Iron Age history is on display at Liddington Hillfort.


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