What you need to know before you go

The large town of Crawley in West Sussex offers a wide range of top sights, from wooded nature parks to animal encounters, museums to National Trust sites. You can explore a wooded nature park with serene lakes at Tilgate Park, while the Nature Centre invites you to see various species of wild animals up close. At the National Trust – Nymans site, you can explore serene and elegant tended gardens structured around ancient ruins. Grattons Park offers dog-friendly hiking trails and a playground for the little ones.

For family entertainment, Lazer World offers laser tag matches, while Hollywood Bowl Crawley allows you to go bowling and play video games at the arcade. Family members can race around the track at TeamSport Go Karting Crawley to see who’s the best or visit Tulleys Escape Rooms to work together solving puzzles. Aviation history buffs will thrill at the Gatwick Aviation Museum, where you’ll see British aircraft from WWII through the 1970s.


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