Group Basecamp to Romantic Getaway

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4 室のベッドルーム、アイロン / アイロン台、ベッドシーツ
4 室のベッドルーム、アイロン / アイロン台、ベッドシーツ
スマートテレビ、テーブル サッカー台

Group Basecamp to Romantic Getawayの概要


Group Basecamp to Romantic Getaway

Group Basecamp to Romantic Getaway


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  • 駐車場利用可
  • キッチン
  • 禁煙
  • 冷蔵庫
  • 浴槽
  • ランドリー設備
Darby, MT
  • アーケード / ゲームセンター
  • 4 室のベッドルーム
  • キッチン
  • テレビ
  • パティオ
  • コーヒー / ティーメーカー
  • アーケード / ゲームルーム





Group Basecamp to Romantic Getaway

Looking to get away from “the grind”, romantic getaway or are you looking for a “basecamp” for an adventure for a group of family or friends? Well, you have found “it” in the Cor Belitore Ranch. This 2800 square foot home is situated on 40 acres that outlook the notorious Trapper Peak as seen on the acclaimed television show “Yellowstone”, the Selway-Bitterroot Mountain Range, the State of Idaho, and Rye Creek Gulch to name a few. The area is stocked full of wildlife to include but certainly not limited to elk, deer (mule and white tail), big horn sheep, eagles, hawks, and some of the more rare mammals such as bears, coyotes and mountain lions to name a few. While drinking your coffee, deer have been known to frequent the shade of the house during the day including right on the front porch. The property adjacent to the west is a working 5500-acre buffalo and cattle ranch, so you might catch sight of a buffalo.

The Ranch is within driving distance of several outdoor attractions such as the Lost Trail Ski Resort, Lake Como, Painted Rock State Park, fishing, mountain biking and countless hiking trails ranging from a short easy walk to more adventurous. Additionally, there are several outdoor ATV/snowmobile rental/tour companies in the local area.

Once inside the house, you will find the interior professionally decorated by a talented Bitterroot Valley interior decorator that is furnished with amenities that the owners would want if they were a guest. The furniture is newer if not actually brand-new including quality sheets and blankets.

Upper Level:
-Common areas: There is a fireplace that is quite capable of heating the entire upper floor or a forced air heating system. There is a “family style” dining room table that overlooks the back yard valley including a deck style balcony to sit outside and enjoy nature. In the living room, there is a couch and a love seat which both have recliners for your weary legs and feet. There is a set of high-powered binoculars that sit atop of a tripod to view anything at a significant distance to include, game, vehicles, people hiking across the valley or even helicopters flying through the valley below. (Yes, “below”. It is common for them to fly through the valley at a lower altitude than the house.) The kitchen is stocked with new appliances and some of the basics for spices. The laundry room is also on this floor.

-Bedrooms: There are three upper bedrooms which include a king size bed (master) and two queen beds in the secondary bedrooms which are referred to as the “bear room” and the “compass room” as the décor. The upper floor will sleep a total of six adults and there are two full bathrooms. The master bedroom has a dedicated full bathroom and a walk-in style closet. The secondary bedrooms have full closets and share a full bathroom.

Lower Level:
On the lower level, it has been decorated with the kids or at least the kid at heart, in mind known as the “bunkhouse”. There are two sets of bunk beds that will sleep a total of four, a lounging area to watch the electric fireplace, read a book, or just somewhere for the kids “to be kids”. Adjacent to the bunkhouse, there is a pub style area for socialization or a great game of foosball. The electric fireplace can be for heat or aesthetics only. This level has a walk-out door to the backyard and a full bathroom. This level will sleep 4 individuals not including the sectional couch.

This property is situated on 40 acres that bring an inner peace or a fantastic background for photos whether it’s a rock formation, a weathered downed tree, a mountain, or big sky, you should have no problems finding a place to take a portrait. Or you could sit atop the hill and read a book or consume a beverage of your choice.

Base campers:
If you or your group are looking for a basecamp for the area’s recreational activities, what a place to start. In the warmer months, there is hiking, fishing, off-road activities, and various other activities within about 30-60 minutes of the ranch. During hunting season, it’s your choice, be in the woods 45 minutes earlier, or sleep 45 minutes later. This is a great place for spouses to hang out during the day while others “venture out”! The ranch is located in the 270 hunting district. The owners have supplied a cooler for the use of our guests for day trips or picnics.

Some quotes of others who have visited the ranch.
-“This is like looking out of a helicopter.”
-“This house is in the clouds.” (Referring to the altitude of the home and when there are clouds in the valley, you will be looking down at the clouds.
-“I could just sit here all day and drink my coffee.”
-“I thought I would just come here to relax, read a book and watch some movies but the only thing I accomplished was relaxing.”
-“The drive alone was worth it.”


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  • チェックアウト時刻 : 11:00


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  • ペットの同伴不可



  • 敷地内の駐車場にはガレージが含まれます


  • 冷蔵庫
  • コンロ
  • 電子レンジ
  • オーブン
  • 食器洗浄機
  • トースター
  • ミキサー
  • コーヒー / ティーメーカー
  • 調理器具と食器


  • ダイニングテーブル


  • 4 室のベッドルーム
  • 備え付けのシーツ類


  • 3 室のバスルーム
  • シャワー付き浴槽
  • 石鹸
  • トイレットペーパー
  • ヘアドライヤー
  • 備え付けのタオル


  • スマートテレビ
  • テーブルサッカー台
  • アーケード / ゲームルーム


  • バルコニー


  • 洗濯機、乾燥機


  • 暖房


  • ペット不可


  • 全館禁煙


  • アイロン / アイロン台


  • 山間部
  • 田園地域


  • 定員 : 10

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