What you need to know before you go

Sukhothai is a small town a few hundred miles north of Bangkok and situated on the shores of the River Yom, known for its cultural institutions, historic sites and museums. To learn about the history and culture of the region, visit the Sankhalok Museum, where you can view ancient artefacts and handmade pottery dating back centuries. The Phra Mae Ya Shrine is an important spiritual site offering stunningly beautiful architecture. The Phra Space Bridge, or Phra Ruang Bridge, has fantastic views of the surrounding area. Along Sukothai Walking Street, you can shop for that perfect souvenir or gift among the many arts and crafts vendors with a vibrant traditional market vibe.

For family fun and excitement, the Premsuk Water Park offers a pool and plenty of splashing and wet fun for all. Wat Nong Thong is a monastery with unique statuary, architecture and elegantly tended natural surroundings. Wat Ratcha Thani, another traditional temple, features breathtaking architecture and sculpture.


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